Quality &

Our Philosophy

A premium product line for dogs developed under a scientific pet care philosophy.

Our mission is to provide the best quality products for dogs while having in mind the unique needs of each pet.

The Company

PROVET S.A. is the leading manufacturer of veterinary medicinal and nutritional products in Greece.

After more than 40 years of productive operation and laboratory research, PROVET S.A. has chosen to apply all scientific knowledge and experience in the development of new non-pharmaceutical products based on plant extracts in combination with the use of nano-emulsion technology.

The PROPHYTO product line has been fully developed in our laboratories. Relevant studies have been conducted for the safety of our wellness products (shampoos and ear cleaner) at the University of Thessaly (study conclusions here).

Moreover, the nutritional supplements have undergone palatability tests in a laboratory in France. PROVET S.A. will continue to develop new environmentally friendly products, effective for our little friends and technologically innovative for greater safety and quality.